Why You Should Move to LA (the reason no one talks about)

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If your weakness isn’t exposed, is it still a weakness?

I recently started jiu jitsu. Until I did, I didn’t realize I had shit for elbows.

After sparring, I complained how sore my elbows were to my professors. They gave me a weird look, like “this guy only comes to class 3x per week why is he bitching about being sore?”  

I’ve been icing them every night since, and I still feel a twinge.

Other weaknesses I’ve discovered:

  • My cardio sucks. Learned that after gassing 37 seconds into my first roll
  • I bruise like a peach
  • Smaller, weaker people can sink a rear naked choke on me and force me to submit

Basically, I didn’t realize I was a big pussy until I started Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Now, if I didn’t start jiu jitsu, and never realized I had these weaknesses… would they exist?

Of course. I just didn’t know about them.

A good friend entered her first “serious” relationship a few years back. The first time she saw her now-husband talking to another girl, she felt the hot blood rush to her face, and a hand tighten around her throat like a vice. That car ride back to their apartment, she didn’t open her mouth, for fear of bursting into tears.

She never knew she was a jealous person. Until she did.

You don’t realize how unbalanced your strength is until lifting weights for the first time.

Most people discover they’re allergic to peanuts after their first reaction to peanuts.

We don’t realize our weaknesses until they’re exposed.

It’s no secret that moving to Los Angeles and starting a career in entertainment takes resilience, grit, courage. I’ve been saying it for the last 4 years.

You insist you realize it’s a long game. That your career may not gain traction after one month, three months, six… and you’re okay with that. That you’re prepared to cold call and cold email, in the face of deafening silence, until something gives. That you’ll eat ramen and crow in equal parts to make success happen.

I hope you’re right. Because one way or another, your weaknesses will be exposed.

The mission of this blog is to prepare you as much as possible, for:

Like sparring unveiled these uncomfortable truths about me — and forced me to learn how I can grow as a person — you’ll learn a lot about yourself on this move.

Until then, keep working, keep hustling. So when the time comes to face your weaknesses, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much room there is for growth.


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  • Carson

    Hey Chris, I’m not sure if you even read these comments anymore but I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your guide, your skills, your strength, and your weaknesses. You have explained everything in such great detail, that I’ve gotten over the amount of fear that I had at the beginning. So, email me if you want to talk further (carsondelgado@gmail.com), like I said, I’m not even sure if you still read these messages.
    See you, Carson.

    • Chris Ming

      Hey Carson, thanks so much man. I really appreciate it and glad it helps. I read every comment and email and try to reply to everything so if you have specific questions shoot me a note.

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