Success stories

I take pride in playing a small role in helping people achieve their dreams in Los Angeles, whether that’s helping them move, ace an interview, or make an appearance on their favorite show.

Here are a few newly minted Los Angelenos I’ve helped along the way:

Meet Jake, who moved from NYC to LA

jake_trembly_headshotI decided to move to Los Angeles after working in the New York City acting scene for a year. I just celebrated one year out in LA, and things are going better than I ever dreamed. Everything on Fighting Broke gave me the confidence to get out here, from the moving cost calculator, to advice on apartment hunting and locking down film production gigs. Chris’s solid makes sense, and it works!! I recently bought a car (used) and my roommate is awesome. Things are good!

Meet Alexis, who appeared on The Mindy Project


Before I stumbled upon Fighting Broke I felt lost and confused about how to approach this huge move to LA. I have always wanted to move there but thinking about the logistics nearly scared me out of it. The stress of finding a safe and affordable place to live nearly destroyed me!

Fighting Broke helped me to relax and do this. It spoke clearly and directly, and was so helpful in figuring out this new city. My boyfriend and I love where we’re living: Nice, quiet, and affordable living in the valley. It’s a huge step, but I know anyone can do it.

Mindy Project


Meet Matt, who moved from Chicago to LA

Matt S

I always knew I wanted to move to LA, but I never knew when or how. So when I finally planned on leaving sweet home Chicago in July 2015, I knew I’d need to have a solid plan. Thanks to Fighting Broke, I figured out what steps I needed to take in order to have a safe and successful landing out west.

The articles, tips and Moving to Los Angeles calculator gave me a deeper understanding of how I should go about my move. I didn’t have a job or apartment when I started driving to LA, but both came pretty quick. Fighting Broke continues to be a great resource for me as I try to navigate the TV and talent agency world.

Thanks for helping me not live on Venice Beach. (My parents thank you too).

Meet Daniel, who landed 2 jobs his first week

Daniel TChris helped me get feet on the ground  when I moved to LA. His website and advice helped prepare me to move from Alabama to LA where I knew nobody and had no job lined up. Within my first week here, I was offered 2 jobs, but decided my free time could be better used to find something more aligned with my goals. This past Monday I locked up something more suitable, so it all worked out. Now I can really start digging into what I truly came out here for: writing, stand up, and acting.

Meet Rachel, who negotiated a $5K raise

Rachel asked me for advice on negotiating her salary. Here’s her email from later that day:



Meet Tim, who aced his TV studio interview

Tim asked for advice on his interview with a major TV studio. Here’s what he texted me later:  


Meet Malinda, who built a network before moving to LA

Malinda MI’d been vacillating on moving to Los Angeles for years before finding the Fighting Broke program. I think much of my hesitation with moving was due to so many unknown factors and decisions: Did I budget properly? Where would I live? How would I find an agent or manager? What would I do for a “survival job”? etc. Fighting Broke offered me much needed reassurance and guidance and after completing the course I was ready to take the plunge! The program gave me a step-by-step plan to get here. I calculated exactly how much it would cost me to move, picked 2 neighborhoods that were good matches, and connected with 3 people in my industry who could help me when I arrived! I’m so glad I found Fighting Broke!

Meet more success stories

Chris helped my girlfriend and me make that leap and move to Los Angeles. We were moving from Boston, MA, so it was difficult to meet landlords or get a feel for any neighborhood. He narrowed our focus on what neighborhoods to look at and what to look for in an apartment. Today we live in West Hollywood and I started school at LA film school — it’s the best thing we ever did. Chris’s advice saved us huge headaches and hundreds of dollars. – Michael M.

Wanted to say your advice is awesome. Very practical and straightforward. Look forward to reading more from you. – Joe G.

Thank you for your advice and guidance in your email newsletters and on your website! It’s definitely helped me in this journey of going to LA. – Isabel M

Thanks for having this available to people trying to follow their dreams and passions!  – Julia S.

I want to say I really enjoy your emails and your website. I’m moving to LA next month to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and have found the info on your site to be some of the most useful on the internet. – Ashley A.

I’ve moved to LA. Still on the job hunt. Dream job would be something in marketing, operations or business. Writing seems like an awesome job too but it’s probably extremely competitive! I’m sure your series will be as encouraging as ever. Thanks for guiding people like me through navigating the job market in LA. – Jennifer N.

I just moved 3 weeks ago from Sydney Australia with minimal contacts. Just found my first apartment that I love. – Jason C.

Thanks for an inspiring and informational website that cuts the bullshit. The mythical LA Move is one I’ve pondered for a long time now. Like every shmuck, I want to work in pictures and LA is the place to make that happen. – Karmichael J.

I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed your articles online. They really put a great perspective on things! – Jordan F.

Thanks for making this awesome site! You rock. – Melissa G.

I’m sure you get this a lot, so I will be brief. Finding your blog was a game changer for me…it really made me optimistic about my plans to relocate to LA. I wanted to thank you for giving blunt information to the readers of your blog. Content like that really speaks far beyond the words themselves. At least for me, finding your blog was a pivotal point in my planning. – Brad K.

Thanks for the help! My husband and I are moving out to LA in a month and a half for him to finish his seminary master’s degree. We are now in the process of looking for housing in a specific location that we have some friends close by while also looking for jobs… We are PUMPED about starting this adventure and to see what happens over our next few years in LA! Thank you again for your help! I’ll be using your guide as we start to take our steps to moving! – Macie F.

I’m very glad I stumbled on your site. It feels like you made this just for me. I’m looking to move to LA in September to begin work in the film industry. Probably get an agency job and work my way up from there. – Varun B.

Hey, Chris! I just finished reading your Best Guide for Moving to LA. It’s amazing work, and I can see there are all kinds of other useful articles on your site. – Mason M.

Thanks so much for such a thoughtful and comprehensive website… I look forward to putting all your helpful information to good use! – Kevin V.

Despite my fears, I am pretty confident that I’ll be LA bound before June. Thank you for your tips and articles! I’ve found you advice helpful and comforting thus far. – Jenny L.

Let me just say that I only discovered “Fighting Broke” about 4 hours before writing this email and haven’t stopped reading till now. You have answered many of my questions. Even some I had yet to think about asking. For that I thank you. – Hunter R.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write your blog and articulated some of the finer points of Moving to LA.  It is very helpful for me to read what someone has already done and the thought process they went through and I am sure many people appreciate it. – Ben G.

I never comment on blog posts ever, but I appreciated this post so much I felt that I had to comment and say THANK YOU! I just moved to LA, arrived about 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been stressing out about sorting all this out for days. This is the best most helpful advice I’ve found. – Chrissy M.

I’ve been subscribed to your newsletter for a few months now and have to give you a big THANK YOU!! All of your info is right on point, very useful, and downright inspiring. I live in Chicago and am an actor/comedian and my fiancé is an actor/stuntman.  We both have always wanted to live in LA and take advantage beautiful weather and bountiful entertainment job openings. – April C.

Still looking for help on moving to LA? 

I recommend you start here. Keep me posted on how it goes!

– Chris Ming