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3 Quick and Dirty Interview Tips for Your First Hollywood Job

This is an email I got from Tim O.:

Hi Chris,

I’m going into an interview today with CBS [redacted] Assistant position that supports three executives and I thought to myself: who better to ask for advice from than Chris?

I appreciate any pointers you can send my way going into this interview. I know you’ve been there before.

Thanks! Hope all is well with you, sir.


Tim O.

tim interview

My reply:

Too much for an email. 🙂

Feel free to call me, I can talk for the next hour.”

First, Tim is being quite literal when he says, “I know you’ve been there before” as I once assisted for three executives myself.

Second, a few emails later, I learn that Tim’s interview is in less than 4 hours(!) away.

Don’t do this. A week, three days, even the night before… take a second and think about who could possibly help you. Then ask them.

However, since plenty of people will inevitably ignore that here are:

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