Get Your First Hollywood Job: How to Answer Tough Questions

FasctCo featured a list of the weirdest interview questions in 2013, compiled by

Glassdoor’s new list came out for 2014. Here are a few highlights:

“If you could throw a parade of any caliber through the Zappos office what type of parade would it be?” – Zappos

“How lucky are you and why?” – AirBnB

“If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?”– Red Frog Events

Unfortunately, knowing these oddball questions won’t help you when you’re interviewing for your first Hollywood job. [click to continue…]

3 Quick and Dirty Interview Tips for Your First Hollywood Job

This is an email I got from Tim O.:

Hi Chris,

I’m going into an interview today with CBS [redacted] Assistant position that supports three executives and I thought to myself: who better to ask for advice from than Chris?

I appreciate any pointers you can send my way going into this interview. I know you’ve been there before.

Thanks! Hope all is well with you, sir.


Tim O.

tim interview

My reply:

Too much for an email. 🙂

Feel free to call me, I can talk for the next hour.”

First, Tim is being quite literal when he says, “I know you’ve been there before” as I once assisted for three executives myself.

Second, a few emails later, I learn that Tim’s interview is in less than 4 hours(!) away.

Don’t do this. A week, three days, even the night before… take a second and think about who could possibly help you. Then ask them.

However, since plenty of people will inevitably ignore that here are:

3 Quick and Dirty Tips to Ace Your Hollywood Interview [click to continue…]