Here’s What Fighting Broke Is All About

Here are 3 reasons why you should read Fighting Broke:

  • You’re driven. A Hollywood career is what you want. You won’t half-ass it.
  • You’re tenacious. This takes hustle and hard work, two things you thrive on.
  • You’re focused. You won’t be distracted from your goal.

You won’t find screenwriting tips or gear reviews.

You won’t hear stories about what this high-powered Hollywood player did to whom, where, or why.

You won’t read film or television reviews.

However, if you’ve wondered about the following, keep reading and sign up for the email list:

  • How do I get my first job in Hollywood?
  • How do I compete against the 100 people with more experience?
  • I just sent my resume to every posting on every entertainment board, how come no one’s calling me?
  • How do I move to Los Angeles if I’m on a budget?
  • I don’t know anyone in LA and have no job, how am I supposed to build my network?
  • Can I network without feeling like a sleaze ball?
  • Is it possible to afford rent or pay student loans on my assistant salary?
  • Should I try negotiating my salary — or just be grateful I have a job?

If this is your first time to Fighting Broke, I’d start here.

About Chris Ming

I’m Chris Ming. I worked for years as a Hollywood assistant, and Fighting Broke is where I share tips to accelerate your rising career as a future Hollywood power player.

Here’s a bit more about me if you’re curious: I moved out to Los Angeles in the summer of 2010. I didn’t study film, nor was I a film buff, but I read Rian Johnson’s script of BRICK a few months earlier. Screenwriting was something I wanted to give a shot.


I moved out with no job or contacts. My first year I waited tables.

Year 2, I tried the smorgasbord of what you’re “supposed to do”: I went to mixers (without a clue of what to say), applied to every job on the boards, whether I was a good fit or not, I read books, blogs, and the trades. I actually ran through a gamut of jobs, but nothing stuck.

Year 3, I decided on a different tact. I studied the career space — not just in Hollywood, but across industries. I studied networking in an authentic and purposeful way, how to apply for the “right jobs” (and almost guarantee my resume makes it to the “interview” pile), and how to find opportunities to add value — something most people never do.

This wasn’t an easy year. I almost left Los Angeles. But little by little, I built traction…

And in Year 4, I was working with agents, Emmy-winners, and NYT Bestselling authors.

This blog will help accelerate your rise as a future Hollywood power player, but I am not one of those power players. You won’t find my credit in IMDB, or my name in the trades.

I just studied the art of the start in different industries and applied it in Hollywood. This is where I share what I learned.