5 Important To-Do’s Before Moving to LA

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Preparing to move to Los Angeles, you may have 2 dozen to-do items, all of varying degrees of importance. Here are five important tasks that slipped or nearly slip off my radar:

    1. Doctor / dentist appointments – especially true if you’re still on your parent’s insurance. Use it or lose it when you turn 26. Get checked out and head to LA with a clean bill of health — especially since a doctor’s appointment is the last thing on your mind when you arrive.


    1. Car appointment – if you’re driving to LA, you’ll want to actually get there. Do an oil change, alignment, tire rotation, and fluid top off. Also, if you’ve never changed a flat, learn.


    1. Credit check – your new landlord will run a credit check. You don’t want any surprises. Use annualcreditreport.com  and creditkarma.com.


    1. What’s your first actions step? – Focus on how to start, not how things will end. Who are the first three people you’ll call? Which three websites will you use to find a job or an internship? Luck and serendipity play huge roles at the start, but the harder you work, the luckier you get.


  1. Say goodbye – It’s catharsis. You make someone’s day when you’ve thought of them. Most importantly, it reminds you to be grateful for the people in your life. Things can get emotionally tough, and gratitude reminds you you’re surrounded by good people.


There are dozens of micromanaging details and tactical suggestions I could make, but these five take priority. Handle these five, and everything else can come what may. Who knows what will happen? If you’re Fighting Broke, you focus on a system of emotional and mental fortitude, and let the details and tactics fall into place.

There’s no singular checklist of tactics or to-do’s, unfortunately, that we could run through. But that’s the whole point of moving to Los Angeles, isn’t it? Who knows what’s going to happen? That’s the importance behind Fighting Broke: we focus on a system of emotional and mental fortitude, and let the tactics  fall into place.


Photo Credit: txiribiton via Compfight cc

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